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What I learned from a business alliance gone wrong, a guest blog post for Succeeding in Small Business

Lessons Learned from a Small Business Alliance Gone Awry

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I tried to hang up solopreneur shingle and work part-time for a friend with a burgeoning PR firm. I had a kid in preschool, and I thought the lure of a steady paycheck trumped my need for independence. It wasn’t my finest hour, and I’d done a rather fine job of repressing all the ickiness until my friend Jeanne Yocum asked me to contribute a “pitfall” story to her blog, Succeeding in Small Business. Here’s the guest post in all its glory. Even thought I wrote it, I can still say that it’s a darn important read. When you’re in business for yourself, the alliances you forge can make or break your business.


Source: Lessons learned from a small business alliance gone awry | Succeeding in Small Business

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